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Rich in my thoughts, 

Bursting with my opinions,

With a touch of helpful advice here and there.



I'm Darryl,

"I am human, just like you. 

I have hopes and dreams, just like you.

I am in the pursuit of Happiness, just like you.

I want to love and be loved, just like you. I am you.

We are all connected. We are all one." - unknown

I am divorced (from a woman), gay/bisexual (it's complicated, you know?). And a child born of African soil living in America, Zimbabwe to be exact. I mention these, not because they define me but because they, amongst other things, have helped shape who I am today. I have gone through some challenges, as a result, and I'm sure God has more challenges instore but I have made a decision, not to become a victim of these things and instead, grow from them. Through facing hard things I've been able to begin to find myself. And when I found that self, I became curious about him. I have chosen to accept, cherish, develop and most of all share this person with the world. And so here we are. 

My goal for my website is for it to be a source of encouragement and enlightenment. Besides a strong interest in fashion, grooming and a healthy lifestyle I am passionate about us. The human race. As humans, we navigate through pain, but also joy. We feel love but also heartache, we experience triumph but also great loss. And that is what life is. I believe that it is important to love ourselves through all of it. I try and capture my feelings in these moments, both high and low, through poetry. I want my poems to bring hope to us and to show us that we are not alone, to help us see that things do get better.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will visit from time to time and maybe even leave me a note. I wish you peace and true love. Take care, my friends.